Promoting transparency, efficiency and sustainability

Medical biobanks containing human samples and the associated data are established separately from one another at different institutions, for example at clinics, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, or biotech companies. There they are kept for many different purposes in diagnostics and research. For the first time the German Biobank Registry is providing a publicly available overview of the medically relevant biobanks existing in Germany. The aim is to make better use of existing resources and continue supporting the exchange between biobank operators and researchers.

The German Biobank Registry not only provides the contact data of the registered biobanks but can also supply information about the respective materials kept in stock and the respective research focus. Participating biobanks can customize and update their data at any time.

The registry is initially available in German and in its English version it will also strengthen the international visibility of German biobanks. The German Biobank Registry also aims to help create, among the general public, transparency and an understanding of the objectives and mode of operation of biobanks. An integrated user portal supports communication between researchers and with the general public.

The German Biobank Registry is scientifically supported by a Board of Trustees. The task of the members of the Board of Trustees is to promote development of the registry, ensure that the data is current, moderate the user portal, and continuously evaluate the use and acceptance of the registry.

The registry is operated by TMF - Technology, Methods, and Infrastructure for Networked Medical Research (TMF) and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).